The Come Up EP

by emotionull

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This isn't all my music, just a few that became most popular. You can find the rest via soundcloud.


released May 3, 2016

shout out yoshi gang, you my brothas




emotionull Arizona

I really wanna die, I don't know why, maybe if I tried....

twitter: @em0tionull

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Track Name: i needa hoe like woah [Prod. @AshyProphet]
why yall look down on me
Im just tryna be, who i wanna be
I jus dream, i jus dream', but really im jus screamin'
Schemein' im day dreamin'-
cus I'm beamin' rim gleamin'
i really jus be a demon

Ima swim away in the sea, before im even seen
ion wann be, on this fuckin spree,
cus i be in da sea, carefree, drinkin iced tea
ya ya
i dont even wanna fuckin be

I see, what I will be
i aint no fucking wannabee
im a whitey, and i smoke this tree
sippin Poppy Seed Tea
Bitch i be grindin hard, findin my flow, tryna grow
yall already know, im keepn it real till i fuckin blow
i be on my toes
less smoke sum dro-
and get high for the show.
my flow, it glows,
even though
this my first go
i wanna grow, grow, and get a hoe.
and be like woah
and be like woah woah woah